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Chibi Overwatch Acrylic Charms

Chibi Overwatch Acrylic Charms

The world could always use more hereos!

♡ Chibi Overwatch charms with a random Epic skin on the reverse side!
♡ 2.5 in. double sided with clear acrylic
♡ Comes with a standard keyring chain to clip onto your bags, keys, lanyards, etc!! (charm may include small star pendant attached to chain.)
♡ May include a clear protective covering! The charm isn't damaged but the film might be, once removed, you're charm is all clean!
♡ Characters: Brigitte, d.Va, Hanzo, McCree, Mei, Mercy, Reaper, Sombra, & Widowmaker! (MORE COMING SOON!!) 

If you're purchasing a charm bundle, please include which charms you're interested in with a message in the shopping cart!
Keep in mind that certain designs have different stock numbers, so double check before placing your order!
12 USD